Active innovations for active living
When the question is when (not why),

Athlé is the answer.

Because life never stands still

At Athlé we see every activity as one slide of a beautiful motion picture. Even small things, like walking your dog or grabbing the basics from your local grocer, come together to write the running film that is your action-packed life. That’s what the Athlé catalog is all about: adding a little oomph and style to your everyday activities. Whether you’re loafing, walking, running, traveling or flying, do it all the Athlé way. And make life a movie worth playing.

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The Athlé catalog is a collection of savvy new designs that live to solve.



Our products showcase the
best of tech, trend, taste and



We collaborate with real
people to fill real needs in their
active lifestyles

Driven by what's next



Promoting your fitness, safety, travel and other goals, we design products that add oomph to everything from your daily run to your holiday escape.



If you can dream it, we can achieve it together. To keep you going, our trendy visibility designs put safety first for a fitness regimen that lasts.



There is no such thing as wasted effort. Trying is its own win, and your life ambitions inspire us to help you make the most of every moment.

Stopping is a non starter

Athlé began as a sporting goods company with a focus on safety and convenience. Just a few paces in, we realized our passion was much larger than that. Today our company is about lifestyle innovations that touch every area of home, work, health and travel. Be sure to check our catalog often for new and upcoming categories.

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